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Take a minute. Have a peruse around our cruise news about the outs and ins of traveling to the Caribbean. There are some interesting articles regarding what it means to vacation in one of the world's most lush and beautiful holiday destinations.


Crime Warning Issued For Travelers To Nassau, Bahamas


The U.S. Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) issued a security message for U.S. Citizens traveling to Nassau, Bahamas. It was titled "Staying Safe during Spring Break in the Bahamas." read more here


Canada updates Caribbean travel advisory for Saint Lucia


OTTAWA, Canada -- The government of Canada issued new travel advisories for a select few Caribbean countries. It is now suggested that Canadian citizens that travel to Saint Lucia are to practice a “high degree of caution”... read more here

Two New Cruise Ships For Carnival, The Largest In Their Fleet


Carnival Cruise Line recently signed a contract with the shipyards Meyer-Werft of Germany and Meyer-Turku of Finland for the construction of two new cruise ships which will make them the largest in Carnival's fleet. ... read more here

Luggage: A Refrigerator Size Attempt At Futility


If you travel the greatest innovation since sliced bread and the zipper is wheels on luggage. The wheels have changed traveling to a greater... everything. ... read more here

Is a cruise cheaper than remaining at home?


You can have gentle tropical sea breezes, plus the world's finest foods, beverages and entertainment. You can also have the friendliest of staff that cater to all your needs, exotic ports, beautiful people and high-speed WiFi so you that you may share your most treasured moments. (if you choose).


Or... you can have dirty laundry, dirty bathrooms, dirty kitchens and just plain dirt at home?

Which would you choose? read more here

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Royal Caribbean's cruise ship travelers prefer a more traditional dining experience


For diners and travel agents alike, Royal Caribbean’s ending the concept "Dynamic Dining" means no longer having to hassle with making diner reservations for every night of your cruise. ... read more here


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