Is a cruise cheaper than remaining at home?

Caribbean Cruise Depot 7-Night Caribbean Cruise Miami, Philipsburg, San Juan, Nassau, Miami 2 Nov 2017 Dates $349 US PP ($50/Night)

You can have gentle tropical sea breezes, plus the world's finest foods, beverages and entertainment. You can also have the friendliest of staff that cater to all your needs, exotic ports, beautiful people and high-speed WiFi so you that you may share your most treasured moments. (if you choose).


Or... you can have dirty laundry, dirty bathrooms, dirty kitchens and just plain dirt at home?


Which would you choose?


If you need to just escape for a week, or maybe a month, or... heck, escape for a whole year, a cruise may be cheaper than staying at home... if you know where to look.


Does the cruise of your dreams have to break your bank? NO!


You just have to know where and when to look.


Travel alone. I like it that way. Enjoy a cruise with your favourite partner or take the whole crew, kids and all. It does not really matter. A cruise of any kind may be cheaper than staying at home with the dirty.

Caribbean Cruise Depot 4-Nights Western Caribbean Carnival Victory Miami, Key West, Cozumel, Miami 4 Dec 2017 Dates $204 US PP

For a number of years cruise lines have been erecting mega-luxury, humoungeous-ships with every possible amenity that your imagination is able to imagine. Many of those absolutely gorgeous new cabins are sitting EMPTY due to current world economic times.


Cruise lines have a passion for travelers buying cabins at full market price. (we all have the same passion) BUT, as current economic times would state, they are quietly coerced into advertising hugely discounted packages online.


If you know where to look you can find a cruise, online, at a fraction of the cost you would pay anywhere else.


Will the economy take its own sweet time recovering?


If it does, the cruise industry will take even longer to reach cabin fullness again. This means you still have time to book for an amazing trip on any ship for just about any budget. This may not last forever.


When you erect a cruise ship you need lots of dollars. Owners of cruise lines can not afford to have their ships sail with cabins empty. They have no choice but to actually give travelers amazing cruise experiences at cost. This covers the ship start-up costs and still provides an amazing variety of world famous amenities


These huge discounts are not available just anywhere.

Are you planning a cruise to the Caribbean?  Give us a shout here. We will do all that hunting stuff from our supply of over one dozen cruise sites for the Caribbean. Why search one site when you can search from over 12? Over 12 search sites... 12 times (1200%) more cruises to the Caribbean. Enjoy your next cruise to the lush, warm tropics of the Caribbean.





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