Luggage: A Refrigerator Size Attempt At Futility

If you travel the greatest innovation since sliced bread and the zipper is wheels on luggage.
The wheels have changed traveling to a greater... everything.
Your are no longer limited by your own capacity of lifting and managing your bags. You are able to bring almost everything you own, kitchen sink and all, and simply push it along a walkway until someone a little stronger can lift it on to the next conveyor system.
This is seen by the fact that new luggage is delivered in the same size boxes as a small refrige. Take special note the next time you are at an airport or cruise ship terminal. It is a comedy to watch most people try to manage their luggage.
For some, this cataclysmic event is totally solved by packing light. This has always, and will always be, my preference for travel. I did finally realize this is not always the case that works for some people after travelling with my mother-in-law. She was a... to be dealt with.
One time, I combined a back-pack trip around Europe with a cruise and had to think more than once on the "How-To-Of-Packing". I did not want all the other back-packers to poke fun at my cruise garment bag, so I was forced to look at other ideas of packing light and packing for a cruise.
To beat all, there are several services that exist that will pick up your luggage some days in advance of your cruise, or any other types of trips, and deliver it to your embarkation point. How nice is that. Get up on your date of travel. Grab your carry-on. Leave for the airport. Simple, easy and comfortable. How wonderful?
Do you need overhead cranes to get luggage in and out of your trunk? Is wheeling your half-ton of luggage through the airport a hassle?
A lot of the pain of travelling has all of a sudden been removed by a little extra planning.
Are you are a notoriously outrageous heavy packer or a packer for multiple types of travel?
Do you just do not want to be bothered dragging a half tonne of your stuff through airports?
It is probably worth your time to check out one of those luggage services that deliver your half tonne to your departure point. For a few extra dollars you solve your refrigerator-sized luggage situation


Now… think about how much more stuff you can bring!

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