Canada updates Caribbean travel advisory for Saint Lucia

OTTAWA, Canada -- The government of Canada issued new travel advisories for a select few Caribbean countries. It is now suggested that Canadian citizens that travel to Saint Lucia are to practice a “high degree of caution” compared to “a normal degree of caution” that exists in all the other Eastern Caribbean islands.

The advisory went on to state that visitors to Saint Lucia should be prepared for a very limited medical system, unusually poor road conditions, public transportation that sucks, and moderate to extreme crime rates.

The report continued on. Avoid under populated areas and beaches that are not patrolled after dark. Check with the local authorities to find out which beaches are safe. Avoid staying in accommodations that are in areas that are off the beaten path because of possible poor security.

Avoid these districts:


  • Marchand
  • Broglie
  • St Grass
  • St Leslie Land
  • Wilton Yard


They are located off of Chausee Road and they all have high crime rates.

Saint Lucia now joins Venezuela as another country where Canadians are recommended to practice a higher degree of caution, along with the other Caribbean states Belize, Bahamas, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago.

Canada is now the only major source of tourists to Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia recently acknowledged the negative effect on tourist / traveler security by the United States' withdrawal of all law enforcement and other assistance to the Saint Lucia security services. This is pursuant to the mandatory provisions of the so called Leahy Law.

The United States seems oblivious to this new logic. If the United States reduces the effectiveness of citizen security in a particular country, US citizens should at least be warned or otherwise alerted that their personal safety may be at greater risk when traveling to that country. This is in comparison to other countries where the United States has not yet reduced their effectiveness of citizen security.

The US State Department provides its citizens with as much information as possible so they can make informed choices regarding their personal safety and security when they travel abroad. They constantly review their security and safety information to provide updated information to US citizens through their "Smart Traveler Enrollment Program".

The issue of the personal safety of travelers to Saint Lucia was raised following a recent report in London’s Daily Mail. The report stated that a British doctor was savagely raped on their holiday to the island of Saint Lucia earlier this year.

Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is more than likely aware that the United States has acted to reduce visitor safety and security in Saint Lucia. With this knowledge the FCO has not warned British citizens accordingly, except with a generic advisory common to other Eastern Caribbean islands. That generic advisory states that most visits are trouble free even though the FCO knows there have been incidents of crime including murder, armed robbery and sexual assault. The generic advisory continues with the statement that UK citizenry should maintain at least the same level of personal security awareness as you would in the UK. Make sure your accommodation is secure.

The FCO claims that they are continuing to monitor the situation in Saint Lucia carefully. Their current travel advice does currently make reference to risks associated with traveling to Saint Lucia. It advises sensible precautions while at the same time acknowledging that thousands of UK citizens visit Saint Lucia each year and return without incident.

"The Foreign Office constantly reviews its travel advice to ensure that it is up to date, and that it accurately reflects the risks to UK nationals traveling to particular countries,” an FCO spokesperson said.

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