Just Back From a Nile Cruise: Time for a Comeback?

There’s a new buzz on the Nile; you can really feel the optimism in the air. Ancient temples are being spruced up and and once again, the banks of the river at Luxor are stacked four deep with riverboats. Selfie-stick-wielding crowds are once more swarming over 4,000-year-old temples. While the latter may not necessarily be a good thing, you can’t help but feel happy for the Egyptians, who depend so heavily on tourism and in many cases, saw their income wiped out overnight. The comeback of tourism also means more money for investment in preserving Egypt’s incredible antiquities.

And this new-found optimism is reflected in the cruise sector, with the first major Nile river ship for many years, Viking Ra, launched this year; as well as Uniworld’s recent announcement that it will be launching a new ship there in 2020 (In addition Celestyal Cruises has added Alexandria on itineraries for next year).

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